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Bahia Solano:

- pe 8 popping/ stickbait outfit

- pe 5-6 popping/stickbait outfit 

- light tackle outfit 

- pe 4-6 jigging outfit 


Peacock Bass and Payara Expeditions

Fly Fishing 

- 8 weight fly outfit

- 10 weight fly outfit

- floating, intermediate and sinking tip and sinking line. 

- fly gallery link*


- Spinning and baitcasting: MH rod (peacock, payara, pellona, large matrinxa, shovelnose catfish, etc) Light Rod: spinning or casting 6-7 feet 50-65pound braid


Heavy Rod: (optional): (catfish, pacu) Spinning or casting rod 5-7 feet 80-120 pound braid with topshot 100 pound mono + leader


Hooks: **while not obligatory, i encourage you to use inline single hooks for your peacock bass fishing. Hook up ratio is just as good. 



1. poppers 3-5 inch (4.3/4 inch yozuri, chuggbug, etc, feed, etc)

2. walking baits 3-5 inches (amazon, heddon, etc)

3. subsurface walking baits (rapala subwalk, husky jerky in both 3 and 5 inch, etc)

4. rapala magnum hottiger, firetiger, in 11-14cm

5. rapala magnum minnow or similar extra large minnow.

6. Minnows in 10-18 cm (yozuri, bomber, rapala, k-ten, etc). 

7. Spinnerbaits in green, red, red and white, white, and extra skirts, (bring plenty spinner baits and plenty strong).

8. casting spoons, 3/4 - 1 oz (great for everything).  

9. inline spinners or small cranks to play around with smaller game. 

10. r2s wide glides in 20cm.

11. paddle tails and jig heads

12. large plastic fluke style lures

13. deep diving plugs Colors: varies depending on time of day, conditions, anglers preference, etc. white, firetiger, chartreuse, black, red, redhead. 


Leaders: 40-60 for peacock, matrinxa, pellona, etc) 2. 50-220 for catfish  3. 0 pound metal for payara and pacu 


Accessories: Swivels 50lb for payara crimps and small crimpers for large leaders 3-4 oz sinkers pliers boga grip single hooks only for peaock bass 7/0 - 10/0 hooks for catfish, pacu


Long sleeve everything gloves buff hat and sunnies rain jacket (hope u wont use it) bug spray sun block covered shoes.

Long sleeve everything gloves buff hat and sunnies rain jacket (hope u wont use it) bug spray sun block covered shoes.


Best way to get money?

Exchange houses are available at both the Bogota and Medellin airports. ATMs are another convenient method. 

How do I get to and from the hotel?

Fish Colombia provides airport - hotel transfers.


Standard cab fare?

When grabbing a taxi always ask for the value of the trip before getting in and make sure the taximeter is running when you get into the taxi. 

Exchange rate?

Colombian peso exchange rate is varies from around 2.700-3.000cop to a dollar. 

Who books the hotel?

Hotels are provided by Fish Colombia for the first and last night of the trip. 

What time is the flight to Bahia? - Bahia Solano flights are usually around 9-10 am Medellin - Bahia Solano and 1-3pm Bahia Solano - Medellín. However the flights are frequently late.

Luggage weight limits and prices?

For Bahia Solano 10kg in checked baggage and 5 kg in hand luggage. Overweight is 3.000cop (approx. 1 dollar) per kg. For Satena airline (Puerto Carreño and Puerto Inirida) overweight is 4.000cop per extra kg.  

Recommend attire? - Rain gear, sun glasses, long sleeve shirts and pants, gloves, covered shoes and hat. 

What’s included in the trip price. 

First and last night Medellin/Bogota hotel, domestic airfare, lodging, meals, 4 beer per day, beverages, fishing tackle in Bahia Solano is provided but must be paid to replace if damaged or lost. 

Is laundry available?

Yes laundry is provided  .

For Bahia Solano it is highly recommended we stay in Medellin 1 night  for a day for sight seeing. 

Ancla 1

El Bizcocho: Colombian made 36 foot center console with twin 200hp Suzuki. I designed the layout of the boat and had it built specially for popping and live baiting. It has a 3.8 meter popping platform and rail designed for popping. 5 people fish it comfortably. It has a 55 gallon live well that I designed with round corners, 2 pumps, blue walls, etc. It has 4 tuna tubes running 3000gph each. It has Simrad electronics. 4g radar to detect weather, boats, debris and birds. It has chirp sonar, airman transducer, structure scan, JL audio (2 amps, subwoofer, 6 speakers). It also has fresh water wash-down for clients and their fishing gear. It cost me brand new 80.000usd + 20.000usd in electronics. I purchased it October 2016 and it was delivered march 2017. Also has outriggers downriggers. 

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