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Baru Sportfishing Lodge and Resorts, Colombia’s premier offshore fishing destination is strategically located to take advantage of the countries unique and untouched offshore fishery. Even though fishing in Colombia is good year round, from October thru March Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Kingfish and Barracuda prowl the deep waters of the Caribbean just in sight of land. We have teamed up with Cartagena’s finest Captains and boats and our fleet consist of two (2) 31’ Bertrams,, a 36” and 38’ Custom Center Console and one 51’ Hatterras and is equipped with state of the art electronics, safety and fishing equipment. The fishing is done within a 40 mile radius of the lodge and some of the better producing areas are within 20 miles of our facilities. Areas such as Little Bean, Big Bean, Nokomis, Bank Tesoro and Volcanic Drop, to name a few, are some of the better know fishing spots however when our experienced Captains locate a weed line or an upwelling the Dolphin and Wahoo are sure to add to the days excitement. Please note that “Catch and Release” is practiced to promote conservation.


The City of Cartagena, Colombia is rich in culture dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries when pirates journeyed the Caribbean in search of riches and safe harbor. Cartagena is considered Colombia’s “Caribbean Jewel” and is a well known tourist location frequented by Europeans, South Americans and today more and more Americans. The Old City or “Ciudad Viejo” is surrounded by a massive coral and limestone wall, complete with the original canons as a deterrent to marauding pirates. The New City or “Nuevo Ciudad” has a seaside skyline that will remind you of Miami. The residents of Cartagena are extremely friendly and service oriented. The Cartagena Plaza Hotel is located in the area called Boca Grande and there are many restaurants, shops, clubs and casinos within walking distance of the hotel. The Old City is a short cab ride and is highly recommended to visit while staying in Cartagena.


Our facilities are located on Baru Island and are situated approximately 40 minutes from Cartagena by boat. Fresh food is prepared daily and main dishes consist of lobster, fish, beef, chicken, local vegetables, pastas and we serve local beers, wines and liquors. All water is either bottled or purified and just in case of the occasional “brown out” our backup generator can supply the entire facility. For those wanting to take a break from fishing or for our non-fishing clients we have available scuba diving, snorkeling, eco-tours, kayaking and sailing. We also have boat tours to both the Isla de Rosario and San Bernardo Archipelagos.


Please call our US offices at (713) 882-6272